Exceptional Student Educational Services

Results Driven Solutions for Educational Environments.

We offer a youth centered, multidimensional approach to develop, implement, and sustain inclusive practices for exceptional students in private and public charter schools

The Problem

There is an insufficient amount of time and attention dedicated to providing services to their child(ren) in the exceptional student education (ESE) program, so there has been an increase in the number of parents who have withdrawn their child - and in some cases their other children - from public and private charter schools.

Dr. Fairweather's research found that part of the problem with maintaining student enrollment is that in-house special education services often lead to special education professionals being pulled in several different directions.

This leads to an inadequate amount of time, attention, and energy dedicated to and focused on creating and implementing inclusive services for the exceptional student population.

This issue is counterproductive to public and private charter school's goal of increasing and maintaining student enrollment. As a result, because of the issues outlined above the cost to you is:

Hundreds in lost dollars

Thousands in lost funding

Infinite in lost hours

Lost program credibility / negative word of mouth

Teachers quitting due to low morale and burnout

Students not getting served

Failing your mission to serve these students

The Solution

After more than a decade in the service of education, Dr. Fairweather began to develop a unique approach to education that applied disruptive innovation into traditional educational environments. In the end, Dr. Fairweather determined that disruptive innovation is the best way to advance the social, emotional and academic development of our youth.

As a result, ESE-Consulting, LLC will:

Increase and maintain a segment of the student population.

Increase student engagement and performance

Decrease high teacher turnover rates

Extend inclusive practices to satisfy IDEA requirements

Enhance parent and guardian engagement

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